Breaking the law,

for good!

The company

LawAdvisor was founded in 2015 in Melbourne, Australia with a fearless and ambitious belief:

that everybody should have access to justice.

We hypothesised that the high costs, inefficiencies, and difficulties of obtaining legal help could be overcome simply by providing greater access to legal information, and by providing everybody with real-time access to high-quality, affordable lawyers online.

Our mission has since been supported by thousands of lawyers, and has allowed us to expand and set up offices across the globe. We've since moved our HQ to London, and have attracted high profile investors and partners who have shared our mission to transform legal service delivery.

We're still not satisfied. The potential exists to completely revolutionise the practice of law. The start of this decade has delivered LawAdvisor with a new mandate: to overhaul and transform how lawyers work with state of the art legal practice management technology in order to

increase efficiencies
automate routine processes
increase transparency
bring legal practice to the 21st century.